Freshwater Conservation

SDMs and Prioritization

In my current position, I develop species distribution models for at-risk fish species (SGCN) and perform hierarchical spatial prioritization of a conservation network (Native Fish Conservation Areas). I work with USGS and TPWD to coordinate the use of supporting datasets and research products with conservation stakeholders.

Flow Recommnedations and Water Rights

Under Texas Senate Bill 3 (SB3), mandated scientific committees, or BBEST (Bay/Basin Expert Science Team) were asked to make flow-based recommendations for each of the main basins in the State, and with the goal to inform current and future water withdrawals, as well as future water right permit allocations. BBEST estimated minimal flows as well as flood regimes necessary to maintain the productivity, extent, and persistence of key aquatic habitats. I used actual flow data to compare current inflow and flood regimes to BBEST recommendations, I characterized the difference, notably relating it to water needs and types of uses along each strem, as well as climate change data on precispitations. Those correlations allow us to glimpse at the future of Texas streams, if no other conservation actions are taken.