PhD Thesis

The costs of protecting land in the U.S.

To make relevant recommendations and optimize conservation decisions, we need to get to a better understanding of conservation costs, at large. Limited data regarding actual conservation costs means that we often rely on more readily available proxies instead. As a PhD student, I looked into costs associated with protecting land in the U.S., as experienced by conservation organizations - what drives them, how to predict them, and what it changes for conservation to have that information.

Thesis Chapters

  • Spatio-temporal variation in costs of managing protected areas.
    Published in: Conservation Science and Practice, 2022
  • The cost of buying land for protected areas in the united states.
    Published in: Biological Conservation, 2022
  • Predicting bargains sales in U.S. conservation land deals
    Published in: TBD, 2023

The Study

Here is a video that was made as part of the NIMBioS Graduate Award that I received one of the projects.

Take Home

More details and figures to come...